Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is that a Whomping Willow?

Couple things:

1.  A very odd thing happened this morning.  I took the guys outside and I heard water running.  This would be bad since the sprinklers are off for the winter.  I look around....it wasn't water running, it was the sound of leaves falling off the tree.  It was really cold (high 20's) but not windy at all and sunny.  The tree was just standing there minding it's own business dripping leaves by the handful.  Like...it was raining leaves, but only just right there.  The tree was still green and full of leaves as of last Friday and I was enjoying the color change that started Saturday.  By the time I left for work they were 90% gone and in a heap at the base of the tree.  It's completely bare now.  Reminded me of the scene in Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets when the Whomping Willow just flicks itself and drops all its leaves...or was that Prisoner of Azkaban...I should know this.   Anyway, it was just like that.

2. Which reminds me - only 10 days until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1!!!

Lastly, for Michelle, a current picture of the guys.

Dave & Henry


  1. Hi Boys. I miss you.
    Like, lots and lots and lots.

  2. Oh, I love it! Thank you thank you! (I need a Golden.)

  3. sweetest doggy faces!

    I am sad and excited for Harry Potter.. I want to go see the movie.. but sad that I have children below viewing age, and to take the children who are of viewing age, would leave the children who are not of viewing age with Smokey.. just sayin..

  4. So they really do drop that fast...I KNEW it. Suddenly my yard is covered. Craziness. No snow for us yet...but you are at a much higher elevation. It is getting cold though, 38.
    Love the photo of the boys. :)