Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Darn. Oh Well.

Remember a couple days ago when I visted Taylor Creek?  Well, that's on the California side of the lake.  So...being in California and all....well, I bought a lottery ticket.  Just one.  The chances of winning are so slim, there really is no point to buy more than one.  Just checked it...didn't win.  Darn, guess I really do have to go to work tomorrow.  Not that I really expected to win, but there's always that ever-so-miniscule glimmer of hope.  I mean, people DO win occasionally.  It COULD happen.

So during those 3 days while you wait to find out if you're a's kinda fun to fantasize about what you'd do with all that money.  You have to be careful, though, lest you really depress yourself after you don't win.  So what would I do?  Boring, practical things aside (like paying bills and paying the mortgate, etc.) here are my top 3 fun things:

1.  Give a big chunk to my parents and sister.
2.  Buy a house on Lake Tahoe - it can be a small house or a shack, really... just a house where my dogs can go swimming out the back door.
3.  Bust out the passport and TRAVEL!  And you're all invited!

What would you do?


  1. I was told once you can buy yourself back from the military.. pay off the remainder of your service, and be honorably discharged early. I don't know if that's true.. but I'd certainly check into it.

  2. I'd go for that house on Tahoe too. :)

  3. I am already planning to visit the Tahoe shack. If by shack you mean "Vacation House With a Wing for all the Zabs."

    Travel for sure. House with a backyard. New camera equipment. Biggest, longest lens David wants.

  4. Sigh. Travel... I want to go to Europe for a couple of years.