Saturday, November 6, 2010

Go Ducks!

Oregon, our alma mater, we will guard thee on and on.  Fellows gather 'round and cheer her, chant the glory Oregon.  Roar the praises of her warriors, sing the story Oregon, on to victory urge the heroes, of the Mighty Oregon. (Go Ducks Go! Fight Ducks Fight!  Win Ducks Win!)

Okay, yes my Ducks are #1 in the country at the moment, yes, they whooped up on the Washington Huskies today, and yes, I'm proud as punch, but that's only half of the point.

I had such a wonderful college experience.  I went away to school, but only  1 1/2 hours away.  I joined a sorority (Delta Delta Delta) and stereotypes and Saturday Night Live jokes aside, I got to be sisters with a wonderful group of girls who have turned out to be amazing, strong, successful women (thanks for the reconnection, Facebook).  Most are wives and mothers, some are also executives, some have lived all over the world, some have their own businesses, some give generously of their time and money for charities and volunteering I said they're all amazing. 

When I watched the game on tv today I remembered walking across campus for the game (rain or shine), I remembered laughing a lot, I remembered hoping to see that cute guy (whoever it was) in the library or student union, I remembered studying hard but having a great time.  Siiigh.  Good times.  Here's a few pics of the glory days, stolen from my sorority sisters' posts on Facebook.

Taken by Heidi Ledgerwood King - she married Josh King, the guy to the left/in back of the Duck with the shades.  They live in Seattle now with twins!  Sarah Thompson is to the left of me - she lives in Colorado and has a new baby!  Jayne Emerson (not pictured) married  Todd Banks, the guy to the left/in front of the Duck.  Like my Dirty Dancing cut off Levi shorts and the perm?

Junior year - spring 1989.  We won Serenade for Greek Week that year singing songs from Dirty Dancing.  Can you find me?  Front row, 3rd from the right (yeah, big hair).

This is from a fraternity party - yeah we liked to build Deltas (triangles)...I can tell we're having a blast, though.  That's Lisa Richman on top (she was my roomie for a term), there's Jayne Emerson Banks to my left.  Rachel Wallins is on my right - she lives in NYC now as a top HR exec and just adopted a son - she was just on CBS this Morning.  Christy Saito is bottom left, she is my little sister (super amazing cool girl), Julie DeLong is next to Christy (not sure what she's up to), Sarah Thompson again is on the bottom far right, and Karyn Larson (bottom, 2nd from the right) lives in Amsterdam now and I'm going to visit her if my company ever sends me to our Europe office (maybe next year)! 

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  1. What great pics! I'm glad that you've been able to reconnect with some of them. :-)